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Game Drives

Liwonde National Park, located in the open savanna, offers the finest wildlife viewing and bird watching in Malawi. For game drives, a vehicle departs from the camp for a two and a half hour trip through the park. Our guide, who has decades of experience, is familiar with the wildlife hotspots so that you have the best chance of spotting elephants, water buffalo, waterbuck, warthogs, impala, sable antelope, bushbuck, vervet monkeys, and baboons. In addition to the mammals, over 400 bird species have been recorded in Liwonde National Park, more than any other park in Malawi! Game drives can take place year-round, but are best during Malawi’s dry season, May through November. During dry season, the vegetation isn’t as thick and animals are more visible. In addition, roads can become treacherous during the unpredictable rainy season.

Boat Safaris

Because the Shire River travels not only the length of Liwonde National Park but through it as well, the Shire provides the quintessential African river experience. Our boat, the Glen Morengie, departs near the camp for two and a half hours round trip. Some 2,000 hippos live along the 40km stretch of the Shire River (that’s more than one every 20 meters!), so close encounters are guaranteed! Crocodiles, too, are a common sight — and in many cases, quite terrifyingly large. But have no fear, our knowledgeable guide and trusty craft will keep you out of harm’s way. Elephants can often be seen grazing in the tall grass on the banks of the river. As you glide along you will see herons, egrets, kingfishers, fish eagles, and other water fowl. Aside from the animals, just being on the water is so pleasurable as you look out and see Baobab trees dotting the beautiful Malawian landscape.




The steady increase of light pollution around the world is obscuring the stars that once inspired greatness within our ancestors' imagination. Here in Malawi, especially away from town, deep in the bush, the Milky Way shines brighter than ever. One of Shire Eco Safari Camp’s greatest assets is its extraordinary computerized telescope, capable of locating more than 14,000 celestial objects. You will experience the night sky like never before!


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